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Repairs Terms and Conditions for Musical Instruments 
Pro Audio, Hi-fi and Amplification Equipment


Our Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

Using Twang Repairs services means The Customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Equipment Drop-Off/Pick-Up

  • All items must be brought to our location, unless otherwise agreed.

Inspection Fee

  • We charge a £30 inspection fee for DJ, Pro Audio and Amplifier repairs at the time we receive the item.


Quotations and Estimates

  • We offer a repair service based on parts and labour. After the fee is paid, an estimate of any further costs can be provided free of charge upon request

  • If an estimate is requested, a quotation of the likely charges will be offered as soon as diagnostic work has been carried out, on the understanding that this may be subject to change as work progresses. This is because sometimes other faults can only become apparent after other problems are resolved.



  • Twang Repairs agrees to use all reasonable endeavours to service or repair the Product and/or to remedy any faults as reported by the Customer.

  • Any repair is subject to availability of the necessary parts.

  • Intermittent defects can be difficult to resolve, if at all. Work will only be accepted on the understanding that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome or if the fault re-occurs, then work will only continue at the Customer’s request and further expense.


Completion Times

  • When equipment is initially received for repair, and at subsequent stages, we will give an approximate indication of the time to carry out work, but this will be subject to change as work progresses. This could be extended due to many factors outside our control, such as other problems becoming apparent, delays acquiring spare parts etc. If within this period the Customer decides to cancel the repair, the Customer is liable to pay the full estimate amount.

  • We will always try to meet the urgent needs of customers, but strict deadlines for the completion of work cannot be agreed to. Customers should therefore make contingency plans in the event of delays. N.B. Some repairs can take several weeks due to parts being ordered from other countries.



  • The Customer will be charged for replacement parts and labour at the standard rates set by Twang Guitars.

  • The charges for all services provided do not include carriage/delivery charges. Any deliveries will be subject to additional cost, and only available upon arrangement and agreement with Twang Guitars.

  • Prices are subject to alteration by Twang Repairs at any time without prior notice.

  • All due payments, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid on or before the item collection by the Customer. Items can not be released until full payment has been received.


Collection and Uncollected Items

  • When the item is ready for collection Twang Repairs will contact the Customer by telephone or email, as specified by the Customer. The Customer and Twang Repairs agree reasonable times during normal working hours when the product will be collected from Twang Repairs premises.

  • Due to an obvious limit on the physical space available on our premises, unless otherwise agreed, items must be paid for and collected within 60 days. After this period, title will be passed to Twang Repairs and the item will be sold in order to cover the cost of the repair.

  • The Customer must inform Twang Repairs if their contact details change to avoid the item being uncollected.



  • Twang Repairs warrants that any repair made hereunder shall be free of defect in material and workmanship for the period of three calendar months after collection.

  • This warranty does not cover any other faults not previously reported by the customer, or any new faults developed during the warranty period.

  • The warranty excludes wear and tear, physical damage, any damage due to incorrect use or misuse, and any damage due to unauthorised repair or attempt to repair.

  • Valves and speaker drivers are not subject to warranty.



  • All items will be treated with care and consideration. In any instances of loss/damage, liability will only be limited to the value of the specific item(s).


Privacy Policy

  • In accordance with general data protection regulations, our customer's contact details are kept In strict confidence and will not be shared to a third party or used for marketing purposes. 

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